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About us





The Juno Project has supported female founders starting their own business since 2012.

Now we help girls (as well as female founders) develop a success mindset too!


OUR MISSION is simple.

encourage, enthuse and empower.


The next generation is our biggest asset. And overflowing with untapped talent and passion.

We unlock it.


The Juno Project was created in 2012 to support women who wanted to work for themselves; a result of our founder Ali Golds' work in an East London college where she met countless potential female founders who were keen to learn the ropes of self-employment but didn't feel comfortable doing it in a classroom of guys. (Sorry gents).

Ali found that a lot of the women who came to her workshops were single mums. Desperate to support their families. As a single mum herself, Ali knew the pressures and was determined to help; so she published her first book 'How To Be Your Own Boss As A Single Mum' which reached #8 in the Amazon Small Business and Entrepreneurship chart - and told her all she needed to know (and had suspected). There were a MASS of single mums out there who wanted to learn how to run a business!

Many of the businesses created since 2008 were started by women, yet the proportion of working age women in early stage entrepreneurial activity in 2014 is less than half of that of men.
— Deloittes: Women Entrepreneurs: Developing collaborative eco-systems for success.

We've been making strides to help redress these figures, and have worked with all kinds of female founders in all kinds of industries from media to creative industries to business consultancy and the trades.


we realised that there was more that we could do. That the real key to improving the numbers of female founders, and of successful women in general, was to explore how we could support women when they were younger. Much younger, in fact.

In school.

So we created 'This Is Me'.

A programme designed for teenage girls who are at risk of, or who have already been, excluded from school.


Now we're REALLY making a difference!

TIM pilot stats.png


Working with girls aged 14-16 who've experienced a range of challenging and difficult circumstances, we encourage them to explore their behaviours, attitudes and responses - and develop a growth mindset that will enable them to overcome barriers and achieve whatever goals they set themselves.

It's powerful, it's phenomenally successful, and it's humbling. 

And it's based on these three simple words.



Thank you for all the sessions, it was all amazing and knowing that even though I’ve been through hard times I’ve still got a chance to make it all better, and that’s thanks to you.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to work with us. It has been a pleasure and the women you brought along with you were so inspiring. You’ve really made a difference in my life and the way I feel about myself.
— Yr 11 students


Imagine what we could do for the girls in your school... Let us show you.



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