Life isn't fair, and we're not all equal. The quicker you accept this, the quicker you'll succeed.


Ali Golds, Founder of The Juno Project


It's a fact of life, like it or not, that the above is true. So what do we do when we're on the losing end of fairness or equality? How do we move quickly and effectively towards what we want to achieve, as well as get the best out of life that we possibly can?


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The 'This Is Me' programme is designed for teenage girls aged 14-16, and either excluded from mainstream education, at risk of exclusion or becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training), and suffering from disadvantage - home or educational.

The programme examines the three areas of life that disadvantage affects

  • Our relationship with ourselves

  • Our relationships with others

  • Work/career matters

and is delivered in school over 12 weeks (Yr 10) or 8 weeks (Yr 11), via highly interactive and immensely powerful sessions, that help redress a negative mindset and empower our young women to achieve their potential.

You’ve really made a difference in my life and the way I feel about myself”

I have come further than I think. I can see myself more positively; the world isn’t the scary place it’s made out to be and there are opportunities for me”

”I’ve learned that I can be happy sometimes, and the world doesn’t hate me”

”I’ve learned that I am able to deal with hard situations, even if it seems like I can’t. I have slowly become more confident, I’m still really anxious and self-conscious but I’m getting better. I’ve cut off the toxic people in my life to help me become less stressed, and more happy
— Yr 10 and 11 students

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Each module consists of group work, 121 sessions with a highly experienced and fully trained facilitator, opportunities to interact with a variety of external speakers and volunteers, reflective and creative thinking tasks, and a range of assorted additional resources and tools.


Year 10
Examining what has led us to where we are now, why we should forgive ourselves as well as accept our behaviours, and how we can use our positive (and not so positive) attributes to achieve our potential. Delivered in conjunction with a range of external speakers and case studies, and using practical interactive activities.

Exploring how our own view of ourselves impacts on our relationships with others, why we should only accept the best in personal relationships, breaking abusive patterns of behaviour, and why kindness really is key. This module also features input from domestic abuse counsellors, as well as external speakers and case studies.

Year 11
Examining the skills that employers look for, how you can present yourself in an effective and positive way, and reaching acceptance of 'this is me'; plus practical interactive activities including role play, real life meetings, and networking opportunities.


For Year 11 students, having presented the girls with a framed certificate of achievement, we also pair each of them with a mentor, who will work with them on an individual basis for two years; helping them to transition from school to college or training and then on to work. The mentor will open her networks, invite her mentee to relevant events and learning opportunities, and support her on a woman to woman basis as necessary.


We believe that the best way to overcome a difficult start in life is to learn from someone else who's overcome one themselves; accepting the situation for what it is, and understanding that a bad start doesn't equal a bad life. Or a bad person.

And, perhaps finally, being proud to say 'This is me'.


If your school is interested in having 'This Is Me' delivered to your students, or if you are a business or mentor who would like to know more, please contact us for more details.


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