'This Is Me' testimonials...

"Thank you for all the sessions, it was all amazing and knowing that even though I've been through hard times I've still got a chance to make it all better, and that's thanks to you."

- Yr 11 student

"Thank you for taking the time out of your day to work with us. It has been a pleasure and the women you brought along with you were so inspiring. You've really made a difference in my life and the way I feel about myself."

-Yr 11 student

"I used to feel alone. Since I met Ali, and joined the This Is Me programme, I don't feel alone any more."

- Yr 11 student

"This Is Me has been a fantastic programme.

Ali immediately caught the girls imaginations, and built really strong relationships with them over the 8 weeks; a huge achievement for students who can find it very hard to trust adults and can be very challenging to engage.

The speakers and stories in each session have been extremely relateable for the students and it has been so helpful for them to hear success stories from adults who have come from/been through challenging situations.

The programme has given them hope and made them realise they are not marked by mistakes they might have made, or challenging situations that they have lived through.

All the girls who have completed the programme are motivated to succeed and make something of their lives, and This Is Me has made them understand that this is a realistic achievement for them."

- Teacher/Facilitator, West Sussex school