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The Juno Project empowers teenage girls who have been, or are at risk of being, excluded from school, to achieve their goals in spite of their challenges.


OUR MISSION is simple.

encourage, enthuse and empower.


The next generation is our biggest asset. And overflowing with untapped talent and passion.

We unlock it.

This Is Me has been a fantastic programme. It has given the girls hope, and made them realise they are not marked by mistakes they might have made or challenges they may have lived through.
All of the girls who have completed the programme are now motivated to succeed and make something of their lives; This Is Me has made them understand that this is a realistic achievement for them.
— Teacher feedback
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Working with girls aged 14-16 who've experienced a range of challenging and difficult circumstances, we encourage them to explore their behaviours, attitudes and responses - and develop a growth mindset that will enable them to overcome barriers and achieve whatever goals they set themselves.

It's powerful, it's phenomenally successful, and it's humbling. 

And it's based on these three simple words.


We work with the girls over either 8 or 12 weeks, exploring

  • The relationships they have with themselves

  • The relationships they have with other people

  • Employability skills


In small groups, the girls share their experiences and concerns and, in conjunction with a trained facilitator, develop positive strategies and a growth mindset to capitalise on their skills, and move forwards from any challenges or less positive behaviour patterns.


We then pair them with a mentor at the end of the Yr 11 programme, who supports them for the next two years; helping them through their transition from school to college, an apprenticeship, or a job.

Thank you for all the sessions, it was amazing. Knowing that even though I’ve been through hard times I’ve still got a chance to make it all better, is thanks to you”

”You’ve really made a difference in my life and the way I feel about myself”

”I’ve learned that there IS a place for me in the world”

”I haven’t self-harmed since I’ve been on the This Is Me programme
— Yr 10 and 11 students
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Imagine what we could do for the girls in your school... Let us show you.



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